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The COVID-19 is still spreading around the world. The hot summer makes people who are already very bored add a sense of impetuousness. However, if you see such a sofa, will it brighten your eyes and make you feel comfortable immediately? Today we will introduce to you such a green living room sectional sofa full of fashionable art design, let’s take a look.

First of all, when we first saw the color of this sofa, did it make you suddenly brighten up? Have you been amazed? Yes, it is green, because green represents freshness, hope, comfort, and even vitality and youth. It is one of the most common environmentally friendly colors. The source of green inspiration actually comes from the world famous painting: Monet’s “Woman in Flowers”

In addition to the bright color of the sofa, let’s take a look at its details. The seat cushions of the entire sofa use the best high-quality high-elastic high-density sponge on the market. It is moderately soft and hard, comfortable to sit, Durability is another feature of it.

The surface material of this sofa is made of the best Napa ecological leather for luxury car interiors. The impression of Napa ecological leather is that it is “soft” and “good”,because it was originally born in a place called “Napa” in California, USA, nd became famous here.

Next, let’s take a look at the most meticulous feature, which is the backrest of the sofa. Our designers took the craftsmanship in popular clothing as inspiration, and used it to extend the craftsmanship of furniture, giving this sofa a unique Artistic taste.

In terms of process details, we use symmetrical stitching to make the sofa more flexible, and this sofa supports a variety of flexible combinations, basically adapting to all types of houses.

The color of the sofa pillow is low-key orange, and even the lounge chair uses orange Napa ecological leather. The purpose is to make the entire space green and orange contrast to improve the visual impact, while controlling the brightness and purity of the color to ensure that it attracts people Attention.